Saturday, November 27, 2010

Survey (blog 5)

My final project helped me to bring together some of the skills I have learned over the quarter, as well as, research some new techniques. My most significant accomplishment would have to be completing a drawing from start to finish for the first time in about five years. Through using Photoshop I have found a connection once again to art that I have not had in years. I feel the urge to draw again knowing I do not have to learn how to paint with actual oils, acrylics, or any other form; Instead I can develop those skill in a more clean and productive manner through digital art. I had to use the mouse for painting so I incorporated the pen tool to keep me on track by making selections of areas I wanted to work in.

Shading realistically is a challenge creating something in 3ds max and shading is easily because it is handle by algorithms. Creating a shadow that is similar to real life in a drawing is not so easy when done on screen in Photoshop. First I had to figure out the best way to put on a shadow which is still a work in progress, I first used the burn tool, then blacks on a soft light layer which look good but don't shade whites, finally I now use darker colors relating to the area I was shading. 

My midterm project was not so easy to complete and convey meaning beyond flat images, whereas, with my final I was able to go into many layers and develop a more meaningful image. The image for my final is more refined and not so elusive as to what I was thinking when creating it. I could not determine how best to get my message across with the midterm I tried to use a smoke effect but to no avail. For the final I was able to create a cohesive drawing with a good depth.

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