Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Inspiring Artist

An artist I look to for inspiration is Stephen Wiltshire. I first discovered Stephens work while browsing YouTube for inspiration. He was drawing Rome from memory on a 10-meter long canvas. I can safely say I will not be doing work like that any time soon, however, his impressive attention to detail drives me. I would like to translate that attention to detail into my work. I have a hard time finishing a sketch because it is never good enough, so a lot of the time my pictures get scrapped. I haven’t drawn in quite some time, but I have recently been inspired to try again. Now that I can combine my passion for computer technology with my artwork I believe that I can achieve the desired effect in my work.

I found a digital artist after some exploring whose art is in line with my ideas, highly detailed and architectural. He uses a mixture of programs from 3ds max to Photoshop to create his art. While I have limited experience in 3ds I still find it to be a useful tool for creating 3d images with high detail.  Wabbit art has a mechanical, steam punk, and fantasy like appearance. I am inspired by his ability to create, render, and post touch images to make them appear that much better.  I wonder how these images a created, how is it that someone can achieve such high detail. Is it a good understanding of the software, talent, or both? I would like to try rendering an image from 3ds, however, I will have to do that on my own time. For my final project I feel inspired to do something involving Appleseed, whether direct or indirect. I would like to create a piece of artwork from scratch. I will use the artistic anime styling, high detail and futuristic mech look. The use of multiple programs my help me to achieve my final goal.

Other images by Wabbits can be found at:

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