Monday, November 1, 2010

Devil Eyes Tutorial

For this piece I followed a the Devil Eye tutorial at:

On this layer I used Color blending option and chose an orange/yellow color to go over the eyes. I painted on an empty layer so that I could easily manipulate my work.
With this layer I added a hue/saturation filter to remove the health color of the skin and drain the color of the surroundings.

I added a Spotlight under filter>render>lighting effects to bring focus to the face on my duplicated background layer. I used an orange/yellow filter and positioned the spotlight above the head.
My last effort was to enhance the image. I went about adding a contrast , brightness , and hue/saturation layer. The contrast I applied to the entire image to bring out the furrowed brow. I used brightness to enhance the eyes. Finally I used hue/saturation to tweak the color of the eye until I reached the desired effect.

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