Friday, October 1, 2010

This image by Michael Kutsche strikes me at first as a post-apocalyptic world the reality of what mutually assured destruction could create. The background is bleak and relatively low in detail. The ground is covered in what appears to be snow, but also looks like ash. Faceless and blurred people are moving about in the background. The foreground displays a man that is highly detailed. He is dressed in very warm clothes that look military in appearance. His backpack appears to be a large crate containing many bags of varying colors. The detail and coloring of the man and his luggage draw the viewer’s eye. His glasses and halfcocked smirk with a cigarette in the left side of his mouth give him the look of smug amusement. The dark colors portray an image of adversity. However, the large size of the man and his smile give rise to the notion of determination, strength, and adaptation. The contrast between the man in the foreground and the people in the background conveys the message that this man is not just an ordinary man. All of the people in the back are walking close to the walls while the main figure is marching straight down the middle of the roadway, giving further evidence of the difference between him and the others. The image as I stated earlier appears to be after nuclear fallout, possibly the likely aftermath of the cold war had it gone awry. The image makes me think of Russia. The military like garb and heavy clothing, also the look of the city. The city appears to be heavily fortified, and not so well planned. There is little evidence that the architecture work was done by someone with proper knowledge. The image portrays to me what the world could have been like had things happened differently.

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