Friday, October 1, 2010

This image by Michael Kutsche is intriguing. The creature in the back of the image is large and misshapen. The creature is made of televisions and fabric from what appears to be couch cushions. The body is black with shades of grey appearing beast like with sinew muscles and ribs protruding. Its arms are wrapped in leather, and wires are protruding from the cushions on its back. The small wizened looking creature to the left of the image looks as if he is begging. His cup is held out as if to collect something. The creature looks like a holographic image. The final character to the right looks to be a pig with a man’s body. The body is disproportionate and hunched. The background is bleak telephone poles can be seen in the distance and a trailer can be seen behind the rocks. There are what appear to be lights streaking across the image as if from a large laser pointer. Two lights can be seen in the distance shining the light towards the trailer. The body of the large creature appears to be sickly as if consumed by the media about its head. This makes me think of someone who for to long has been sitting idly consuming media on the couch. It is as if the couch and television decided to try to devour the creature or person eating away the soul until a dried and fetid corpse is all that remains. The digital creature makes me think of a person who lives on the internet, wizened by the truths and half-truths as the beard makes me assume. The elongated nose gives rise to the notion of spreading lies about the internet in the futile attempt to get hits on a website, which is portrayed by the cup in the extended arm. The pig man looks to me like someone who has worked hard and feels unappreciated in the never ending cycle of bringing home the bacon. The hunched posture gives it the look of exhaustion. This particular piece is hard to read an took some time to figure out.

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